• Creation To Salvation3:35
  • Among The Myrtle Trees3:27

  • Missing All Exits3:01
  • Capturing The Authentic3:44

Guitars, Bass, Drums & Keys by: Rob Perez

2008 - Bluesyndrome (8 Tracks)

This 8 track all instrumental album is a mix of heavy progressive blues.  Rob plays all of the guitar, bass and keyboard tracks as well as drum compose. Not a typical 12 bar blues album but it certainly comes off as a tasteful riff fest for both guitar and bass.  Stripped down and organic.  A powerful expression of light and soul.

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2012 - Bluesyndrome 2  (4 Tracks)

This 4 track EP is a mix of heavy flavors Rob has become known for. New to this project are drummer Buddy Hoebler and guest vocalist Sara Micklo.  Rob is playing all guitar, bass and keyboard tracks.  This album is a digital download album only and included in the download is a digi-book that goes into detail regarding the inspirations for each song. 

  • Citizen Nowhere3:06
  • Stroll The Soul4:07
  • Turn Of Events3:20
  • There Comes A Time3:47
  • Kimberly's Groove2:40
  • Contradiction City3:30
  • 365 From Now4:31

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Doug Bowers - Keys On "Kimberly's Groove"

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2015 - Bluesyndrome 3  (8 Tracks)

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Guitars, Bass, Drums & Keys by: Rob Perez

2017 - Bluesyndrome 4  (8 Tracks) 

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  • Purify The Assembly3:03
  • Hell Is For Losers3:59
  • The Believers Ride4:21
  • Early Riser4:13
  • Simple Wreckage3:08
  • Forever And A Day3:10
  • I'll Be Fine4:19
  • Soul Station3:11