Sonic Throwback - 3 Track Sampler

  • It's Your Move4:49
  • Flip-Side Boogie3:04
  • Things That You Know3:24
  • Bumpersticker Theology3:31
  • Turn Away4:15
  • Bridge Of Tribulation3:41

"Groove Of Derision"

Paying homage to some great 70's rock bands, Sonic Throwback is excited to share with you this 9 song album of original tunes written and produced in the vein of such artists like, T-Rex, Grand Funk Railroad, Robin Trower, Mountain, Captain Beyond and others.  We hope the music on this album is a blessing to your ears.  Comfortably familiar while at the same 

time providing a fresh new spin.

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"Bridge Of Tribulation"

Rob Perez

Guitars, Bass, Drums

Doug Bowers

Vocals, Lyrics, Keys

"Flip-Side Boogie"                                                                     

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"In This Corner"

A Brand New "Classic Rock" Album