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Formed from the first letter from each member's last name, M.A.P.  also puts forth the musical concept of finding one's way to God and the path that Jesus created to travel it.  The album cover illustrates that no matter where you are, the Lord Jesus can be sought after and you can be found. 

Knowing where you are in relation to a Holy God needs to be dealt with by both believers and non-believers alike.  For the believer scripture paints the perfect path for God centered biblical understanding and the wisdom that comes from it.  For the non-believer it's usually left up to thinking that just being a good person will make your soul worthy of what a Holy and righteous God desires. 

An 8 song all vocal album is currently only shipping on CD and will also include a detailed 10"X10" full color 16 page booklet that will tell the written and visual story of "The Traveler".  Along with lyrics for each song that sync up with the written story.   

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  • Creation Song (Clip)1:37
  • Feel For You, Fell For You (Clip)1:28
  • Going To Wichita (Clip)1:31
  • Prepare My Soul (Full Track)3:41
  • We Sing Out (Clip)2:17
  • Sparks Fly (Clip)1:57
  • Living On Purpose (Clip)1:32
  • I'll Follow You (Clip)1:16

Drums & Bass - Rick Mals  Vocals / Lyrics - Tim Amos  

Guitars & Keys - Rob Perez